Chanukah Schedule

November 28, 2013

Chanukah Sameach  

Minyan for Shachrit

Beginning this Thursday Nov 28 (and every weekday following) the ELC is proud to announce that it will be hosting a daily Minyan for Shachrit, starting at 7:30 am.We would like to welcome everyone in the community to join our davening in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. 


Oneg Shabbat Tisch

There will be an Oneg Shabbat Tisch Friday night Nov 29 Parashat MiKeitz  at the Berzon home Located on Rechov Rebbi Meir 14b (one floor up)(between Ben Gamla and Abba Hilkiah) SINGING, RUACH, DIVREI TORAH, DESSERTS & SHMOOZING & MOREClick here for map


Chanukah party

A Chanukah party for the entire comunity will take place on Sunday night Dec 1  - starting with Maariv at 8:00 pm, followed by words of Torah and a concert with Chaim Dovid

Finally on Monday night 8:00 pm for women- Torah learning, great refreshments, live music with Rebbitzon Golshevsky and Shuli Pielet.......light up your Chanukah!

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