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        The Emek Learning Center’s new Mentoring and Matchmaking initiative is aimed at helping the unmarried population of Jerusalem, especially those living in the areas surrounding the Emek Learning Center, to find their zivug. In order to do so, we are in the process of creating a mentor training program.


        This program will include two levels of training to produce qualified and caring mentors to help guide singles in the community through the “dating maze”. The first level of training will be an interactive seminar taught by Rosie Einhorn and Sherry Zimmerman, authors and dating experts who have presented over 130 workshops on date mentoring worldwide. Advanced training will be provided by Rabbi Dr. Geisler from the Neve Yerushalayim Family Institute.After completing the training, our mentors will take one to two people under their tutelage.


        They will get to understand who the person is on a deep level, what they are looking for in a spouse, and assist them to achieve clarity and focus through the dating process.Each person interested in finding their suitable match will be able to create an online dating profile for themselves through the Emek Learning Center using the software.


        This system will offer our members security and anonymity because their profiles will not be visible to anyone but the Emek Learning Center’s professional matchmakers, who at the same time, will have access to and be looking through the profiles on the huge SawYouAtSinai database.All those interested in receiving mentor training should contact us at those interested in receiving mentorship, or creating a dating profile, please contact us 



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