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kollel Shiur
4:15pm Defining Chuppah and Nisuin

Women's Shiur 

8:00pm Parshat Hashavua shiur. 
Rebbetzin Yehudis Golshevsky









Tuesday Evening 

8:00pm Maariv (Shiur@8:20pm)

The theme of this series is Interpersonal Relationships: Contemporary Issues in the Halachot of בין אדם לחבירו.

by Rav Azarya Berzon




Morning Beit Medrash Program Shiur
11:45am Framework for the laws of Muktzah

Gemara shiur

8:00pm Maariv (Shiur@8:20pm)

Mishna and Gemara in Massechet Makkot

by Rav Azarya Berzon (Shiur@8:20pm)




Kollel Shiur
12:15pm Birchot Nisuim
1:45pm with Rabbi Dov Foxbrunner: Halachot 

Interactive Mens Learning Program

8:00 Maariv

8:15 Chevruta Learning  (optional class with Chananya Weisman on TANACH)
9:30 Short D'var Torah and Refreshments  

Parashat HaShavua

Kli Yakar and Maharal

By Rabbi Poston and Dr Kuhr

at the Kasdan Residence in Baka - please call for info - 052-616-5613


Please join our ongoing Daily Morning Beit Midrash Program

Every morning between 10:00 am through 1:15 pm

There is room for more men to join our exciting Morning Beit Midrash Learning

Program which includes:

  • Guided Chavruta learning

  • Gemara b'iyun

  • Study of the Halachot relevant to the Gemara in the Rambam & Shulchan Aruch

  • Air-conditioned Beit Midrash with a resounding Kol Torah

Bring your chevruta along, or we'll organise one for you!




Erev Shabbat 
5:36 pm Candle lighting 
5:55 pm Mincha and Kabbalat Shabbat

Shabbat Morning:

8:00 am Shiur by Rabbi Azarya Berzon
Hoshana Rabba, MarCheshvan, Noch&Avraham
8:45 am Shacharit followed by Kiddush 
The Berzon and Myers families will be sponsoring
the kiddish in honour of Chossen Torah and Chossen Breishis

Shabbat Afternoon:

5:00 pm Community Shiur with Rabbi Azarya Berzon
The first kiruv Couple in history
5:45 pm Mincha followed by Seuda Shlishit
Sponsored by Binyamin Adler
in memory of his Grandparents Yahrzeit Simcha
ben Chaim Pinchas and Chana Fayga bas Michoel


Shabbat ends 6:47 pm

Parashat Lech Lecha
8 Cheshvan 5773 11-12 October 

For more information about other worth-

while classes in the area click here

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